10 Creative Weekend Projects to Wrap Up the Summer

Spruce up your home with these fun projects that'll only take a weekend to finish (if that)! These projects take little time, material and elbow grease and are a great way to spend time with friends and family before Summer comes to an end!

flowers on a chair outside in the summer


Emma Holt


Jan 21, 2021

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Looking for something exciting to do that’ll make your new home the most appealing and entertaining on the block? These unique projects will enhance your exterior and spruce up your yard like no other! Choose projects that’ll beautify your home and one’s your family will enjoy doing together! Some of my favorite projects I’ll share with you are planting flowers in an endearing wagon, adding lighting to your walkway, hanging decorative shutters, and so much more!

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1. Plant flowers or a garden in a wagon or wheelbarrow

These seem to be growing in popularity and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t dig out my dad’s rusty old wagon to make one myself. Roll your new herb garden right to your kitchen door for when you need it! The kids will love this project, too.

Flowers in wheelbarrow
‍A little inspiration for you

2. Build a tree bench

Who doesn’t love curling up to a good book under a shaded tree? Now you don’t have to lay on the lumpy roots worrying if ants are crawling through your hair. Throw a few pillows on it for added comfort and you’re all set.

3. Construct a potting bench

Every spring and summer is the same when it comes to gardening. Always having to search for all your supplies and tools in the garage or shed, wondering where you could’ve put them each year. With a potting bench, I’ll never waste time digging them out again! Plus, how cute is this?

potting bench
‍A potting bench is a great way to store things!

4. Add lighting to your front walkway

This whimsical addition to your home will add charm and not to mention safety when you forget to leave the porch light on before leaving for dinner! Illuminate your driveway, walkway, steps, trees, stonewalls, and so much more!

5. Build small deck or patio to your backyard

Have you always dreamed of sipping your morning coffee on a beautiful deck or patio but were uncertain about taking on such a project? No need to go overboard! All you need are a few carpentry tools and be able to take the heat. I promise it’ll pay off!

backyard patio
Simple enough

6. Design a sitting stone wall

This is a surprisingly easy task and not only gives you somewhere enchanting to sit and rest, but also adds a little taste to your landscaping. Not to mention, it’ll help maintain your garden!

7. Hang exterior shutters

I’m not sure why, but I feel like shutters have been disappearing. Just me? Well I’m a huge fan!  A bright coat of paint will dress up a home’s exterior and obviously adds to the curb appeal. Shutters also act as a barrier against strong storm winds.

wooden shutters
Beautiful wooden shutters!

8. Add a gorgeous arbor

There’s something about a garden arbor that makes my heart swoon. It can serve as an entryway to an outdoor spot you love, a frame a particular section of the garden like a shrub or a shed, or let your vines climb away! Leave them unfinished or add a coat of paint, either way, it’ll definitely be a show stopper.

Pinterest has some great ideas for dreamy arbors!

9. Buy or build a fire pit

Even on the hottest of summer nights, outdoor fires are a family favorite. Do yours in style by building a stone-wall pit set into the ground! It’s not too hard to DIY and doesn’t need to be very big.

10. Make a pebble mosaic

A pebble mosaic will give your garden or yard a unique and unexpected center of attention. All you need are flat pebbles or cobbles, concrete mix, gravel and stone dust. Get the children involved and create something memorable for your yard!

rock mosiac
Kids will love this project!

Summer is the perfect time to let the creative juices flow and tackle some fun projects that’ll only take you a weekend tops! Many of these projects are DIY with materials that won’t cost you much or anything at all depending on what you have laying around at home already! Don’t let the last week weeks of summer slip through your fingers. Pick one of these projects and get started!

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